Riphah Institute of Systems Engineering

A project of Riphah International University


"To  create a center of excellence for Information Security. Facilitate the market with the best talent in information security and positively contribute to the academic, public and private sectors. Ingrain the spirit of national competitiveness and be a catalyst for change in the field of Information Security."

RISE is a special initiative by Riphah International University to impart quality in education, professional trainings & consultancy in the field of Information Security. 


Academic Programs

Full Degree Programs.

MS Information Security

Management, Defensive and Offensive Security.

MS Data Sciences

Covering Big data, Data Modeling and AI.

PHD Computing

Specialization in Information/ Cyber Security

Research Areas

Research and Development groups at RISE.

Security operation Center

Focuses on Incident Response and Operational Security.

Offensive Security Group

Focuses on State of the art threats and attack vectors.

Defensive Security Group

Focuses on methods and techniques of building strong defenses.

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Liaison with Industry

RISE has stimulated its knowledge and resources towards offering Information Security services as well as solutions inclusive of trainings [certifications & seminars] to the commercial sector. 

Industrial Liaison is a key component in integrating academia and industry. 

This initiative will enhance the quality of education simultaneously leading to feasible solutions.

Our Clientele

RISE is always looking for partnering with Industry

If your organization is interested in partnering with RISE for R&D, Consulting or Training